• Toward a Global Coral Data Set

    CORAL data used in concert with other high- and low-resolution data to create a combination of 2-D and 3-D pictures of thousands of corals.

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  • Earth 360: The call of science

    Join NASA Earth scientists in the field to study ice in Greenland and coral reefs in Hawaii. This 360-degree video is best viewed on Chrome, Firefox, IE or Opera.

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  • Scientists Inspect the Great Barrier Reef From 28,000
    Feet Above

    SYDNEY, Australia — Heron Island, a coral cay at the southern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef awash in piercing sunlight and translucent seas, has been a proving ground for reef science for more than 80 years.

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  • New NASA Instrument Brings Coasts and Coral into Focus

    To the rescue: the new Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer, created at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. PRISM is an airborne instrument designed to observe hard-to-see coastal water phenomena.

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  • NASA to Capture Best
    Ever Portrait of Coral
    Reef Health

    NASA is about to get up close and personal with Earths corals: The space agency will use airplanes and water instruments to survey these delicate structures and capture the most detailed views ever of the planet's corals.

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  • A Sky-High Survey
    of Coral Reefs

    NASA’s Earth Venture Suborbital-2 Program has awarded BIOS scientist Dr. Eric Hochberg a grant to initiate the COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL).

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COral Reef
Airborne Laboratory

COral Reef Airborne Laboratory


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