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The CORAL survey regions include the Mariana Islands, Palau, portions of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Main Hawaiian Islands. Each survey includes airborne and field components, with field observations providing necessary validation of the PRISM remote sensing observations.

coral map coral map coral map coral map

Table 1. Estimated aircraft and field dates.
Survey Region Survey Dates
Aircraft Field
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii* 18-26 June 2016 6-17 June 2016
Great Barrier Reef 1 September-31 October 2016 3-23 September 2016
Main Hawaiian Islands 1 February-15 March 2017 13-28 February 2017
Mariana Islands 3-28 April 2017 17-28 April 2017
Palau 1-26 May 2017 1-12 May 2017
* Operational Readiness Test (ORT)

Table 2. Field validation sites and bases of operation.
Survey Region Field Validation Site Field Base of Operation
Main Hawaii Islands Kaneohe Bay, Oahu Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Great Barrier Reef, southern Heron Island Heron Island Research Station
Great Barrier Reef, northern Lizard Island Lizard Island Research Station
Mariana Islands Guam University of Guam Marine Lab
Palau Palau Coral Reef Research Foundation

The Tempus Applied Solutions Gulfstream-IV (G-IV) aircraft will have a nominal operation altitude of 8.5 km, which results in a PRISM swath of ~4.7 km and ground sample distance of ~7.5 m.

The The CORAL Data Portal can be used during the CORAL investigation to discover and access PRISM data products.


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